it is gonna be f i n e.

« hey, i was just wondering what font you use for all of your subtitles in gifs? they're so cool! also, do you ever do any tutorials on how you make your stuff? just wondering uwu <3 » — Anonymous

thank you lovely! i use calibri for the subtitles and set them as bold italic and strong c: i haven’t made a tutorial before but i’d be happy to do them if they were requested!:D

jake peralta + reluctant agreements.

gina has no feelings. she once said the best comedy of all time was the girl with the dragon tattoo.

just once, let me be the funny one.

You’re a weird guy, Jake. 

Oh Pineapples… What did you do?

one less high school bitch making the lives of the less fortunate more tolerable is in my opinion,
                                   a  p u b l i c  s e r v i c e

' how are you still alive? '
                       ’ n o t  a l l  o f  u s  a r e. ‘

you think i’m l y i n g to you?