like Batman and Robin. 

Mindy McCready + character traits (inspired by x)

Peter & Letha’s fight → requested by anonymous (Part 1)

Peter & Letha’s fight → requested by anonymous (Part 2)

uhm uhm hi hello! I was wondering if you could maybe make a gifset of Peter and Letha fighting in (I think?) episode 10 of hemlock grove? they're my otp and there aren't enough gifs of them for my liking lol <3 thank you if you can! If not then no worries <3

Of course! I love them too, HG is super fun to colour as well so i’d be happy to :D i’ll have a gifset done asap! x

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holy shit, you have a fucking pretty blog

aw thank you! It means a lot~ cc:

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Is it actually 1996? I thought it was 1995, since he was canonically sixteen in 2011??

I may be wrong but i’m pretty sure he’s been seventeen throughout most of season 2 and 3. If i remember correctly, Lydia turned seventeen in Party Guessed and they’re in the same grade at school so that makes them the same age so if it’s his birthday on the 8th of April it would mean he’s turning 18 and that he would have to have been born in 1996.

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umm... if stiles was born in 96 wouldn't that make him like 14 in the pilot how could he have driven at 14?

Going on the assumption that the show is set in the present day (which i did because they seem to go up a grade in school every time a new season starts), being born in 1996 would make him 18. 

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